YSL Beauty I Am Libre Popup

It has been a long 2 years and we finally get to see Desmond Tan in the flesh at a public event! #ithasbeenlong

Attending the YSL Beauty I Am Libre popup event held at Ion Orchard, Desmond stunned all of us with that outfit and hair. Oh, who can resist it!

He who is ever ready to smile for us. Don’t stop smiling cause it’s what makes you who you are. 
For more photos from the event, click here

Look at everyone so happy and excited to see our king! You can’t tell (cause of the mask #nothankyou) but we are definitely all smiling ear to ear under those masks! Thank you Desmond for the photo! 

Not forgetting our Destines that stand by us, rain or shine. We love you! 

Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you all soon again! Till next time! 

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