The Blue Socks (Lead them to a home. Consider adoption)

The Blue Socks
(Lead them to a home. Consider adoption)


The Blue Socks is an initiative co-launched by Desmond Tan and June’s Pethouse to help increase awareness of and raise funds for animal shelters in Singapore. We believe that abandoned animals are also a part of Singapore, and we should treat them like our fellow Singaporeans. We wish not to leave them behind, therefore we hope to lead them to deserving and loving homes. Every year, we will organise various activities and work with animal shelters to help them reach out to a wider audience and rally support for their causes.

With many abandoned and mistreated animals suffering every day in Singapore, The Blue Socks would like to raise public awareness of such issues and help these furkids as soon and as much as possible. We also wish that fellow Singaporeans will understand that every single effort they make will bring us a step closer to rectifying the problem. Every effort makes a difference. We are counting on your support.

The Blue Socks’ Inaugural Event- Movie Screening: The Secret Life of Pets
Date: 11th Sept, Sunday Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Cineleisure
Price: $30 (includes popcorn and drinks for first 100 sign-ups)
To RSVP for the event

– Public/Non-DFC Members : Please kindly submit your interest via email to with your Name, NRIC, contact number, Qty of tickets.
-Destines: please kindly fill in this form after you have made payment. All proceeds will be donated under the name of ‘Destanation Fanclub Singapore’. -

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