[Star Awards 2022] Congratulations Desmond Tan!

Photo Credit: The Celebrity Agency

Congratulations once again Desmond Tan for all the wins at Star Awards 2022! You truly deserve it! We are so proud of you and so happy that you are rewarded for all your hard work that you have put in!

Click to watch the moment Desmond gets his 6th award for Top 10 Best Male Actor! 

We love seeing you in white <3 Thank you all Destines who were there physically to show support to Desmond Tan and showering him with lots of love! Thank you everybody who cheered behind the screens, to everyone who spent their time voting and to everyone for staying with Desmond Tan thus far even though COVID didn’t allow for us to meet. We are utterly grateful to everyone and may we celebrate more moments like these in the years to come. Destined to Ace!! 

For more photos from the red carpet, please view here. 

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