Star Awards 2021

Credit: meWatch

Star Awards 2021 is back, bigger and better! Back after a year of break
(no thank you, COVID-19), there is so much more to look forward to in this year’s show!

Credit: thedesmontan Instagram

Desmond Tan has been nominated for Best Actor award as well as the Top 10 most popular male artistes and we can never be more grateful for this opportunity. We have seen Desmond Tan working so hard in all everything he do! This is definitely a form of affirmation he deserves! 

That said, the time has come to work them fingers! Votings this year will entirely be counted off online votes (yup, NO MORE calling votes). Voting starts 10 March, 12pm onwards. You’ll need a valid Mediacorp account to vote. Each account is only entitled to 1 vote a day. More details can be found: HERE

Wait no more people! Gather your armies and lets get Desmond Tan another top 10 award this year!

Vote away!

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