Toggle Christmas Giveaway “Stars Play Santa 大放送!艺人DIY圣诞礼”

Greetings to all Desmond Fans! is currently doing a giveaway for various artistes DIY Christmas presents! 🙂 This week ( contest period: 30 Nov-6Dec ) features Desmond’s DIY personalised gift! Here’s what Desmond have got to say 😉

DTtoggleDesmond : ” Whoever is going to win it, just bear in mind that.. Maybe more than that.. one in the entire world.. haha so you know.. this is unique.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.33.53 PMDesmond has personally handcrafted 3 leather goods – coin pouch, keychain set and card holder and he has brand it as the uniquely, “DT” 🙂 This gift set also includes a personalised Christmas card specially written by him!

DTtoggle2Desmond: ” So here’s the 3 items that i have done for you with my heart & soul and thank God, less the blood. I really didnt know that leather products are so hard to do. A lot of efforts, technique and concentration to get the end product. “

So here’s how you can stand a chance to bring home this precious gift set!
1. Head over to to win it!
– Fill in your particulars for a chance to win these handmade christmas gifts from Desmond!
LINK: Stars Play Santa Contest form

Good luck and all the best to you ! 🙂


Congratulations to our charming Desmond Tan for clinching the favourite onscreen couple award at the 1st ever PPCTV’s Mediacorp Awards Ceremony held in Cambodia on 28th November 2015!

His character Shitou in 信约:唐山到南洋 < The Journey : A Voyage > together with Yazi, acted by Jeanette Aw has won them the favourite onscreen couple award at the ceremony! Our heartiest congratulations to the pair for their splendid work in this drama series!CU6xzroU8AAhzcS


DFC Sub-Comm Recruitment 2015


We are recruiting Enthusiastic DFC Members to assist the Main Committee !


General Requirement:
1. Must be a member of Destanation FC Singapore.
2. Commitment level High ( Respond within 24 hours)
3. Must be responsible
4. Application starts from 08 Nov 2015 till 31 Dec 2015


* More details in the application form. Click the link below to find out more & apply. We look forward to your applications!



DFC Recruitment Poster

15.11.21 Breast Cancer Foundation | Mission Pink-Possible 2015


Breast Cancer foundation is a charity organisation that firmly advocates early detection to save lives and breasts of women in Singapore.
As part of their efforts to raise awareness, they introduced their latest family event, Mission Pink-possible, to include men in the mission.
We are proud to say that Desmond Tan has gladly volunteered to take part in this meaningful event to spread awareness to the public!

Desmond’s Thoughts : ” I truly believe that it’s not only the women’s effort but a collective effort by both men and women to eradicate the social stigma of breast cancer. We can educate ourselves more about the symptoms, treatments and other facts to change our perspective of it. By breaking the psychological barriers, our ladies will be more forthcoming to do regular checkups and not avoid it due to myths or fear. Thus, allowing early detection and higher chances of recovery. Guys, let’s do our part to protect our beloved ladies today! Be their pillar of support, remind them the importance of regular checkups!”

Thank you Breast Cancer Foundation for inviting Desmond and DestanationFC to this fun and fulfilling event!
For more information, please visit their facebook page @ Breast Cancer Foundation

More photos of the event are now available in our gallery! 🙂


Launch of new DT merchandise


DFC handheld fans

Always wanted to hold DT in your hands? Now you can! DFC has specially designed handheld fans printed with pictures of Desmond. These handheld fans can be used to show your support for Desmond at official events/roadshows. The handheld fans will be sold at $4.90 SGD each.

Pre-order is now open and will close on 15th July 2015. DFC members who place an order before 10th July will receive a set of exclusive photocards featuring Desmond [Limited to one set per order]. Non-DFC members/international fans are also welcome to place orders [An additional charge for postage will apply].

To pre-order, please fill up this form


SA 2015


Star Awards 2015 Top 40 Favorite Male and Female Artistes have been announced on 09Mar2015!

Congratulations to Desmond Tan for being in the Top 20 Favorite Male Artistes Male.!


Desmond Tan’s Voting Number:

Online Voting:






《红星大奖2015前奏 Star Awards 2015 – Prelude

Dates: 3 April 2015 to 24 April 2015 (Every Friday / 4 episodes)
Time: 10.30pm to 10.45pm (Channel 8)


《红星大奖2015颁奖典礼(第一场)Star Awards 2015 – Show 1

Date: 19 April 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 7 to 10pm (LIVE on Channel 8)


《红星大奖2015颁奖典礼(第二场)Star Awards 2015 – Show 2

Date: 26 April 2015 (Sunday)

星光大道Walk of Fame: Time: 5pm to 6.30pm (LIVE on Channel 8)

颁奖典礼 Ceremony: Time: 7 to 10pm (LIVE on Channel 8)

庆功宴 Post Show Party: Time: 10.30pm to 11.30pm (LIVE on Channel 8)

– See more at:

Protected: Desmond’s Fan Meet @ JCube- 18th April 2015

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Desmond’s special effects makeup moments [The Journey: Tumultuous Times]

‪February 2, 2015 TODAY‬: SINGAPORE — Actors who have played characters much older than their actual ages share what it’s like to wear a ton of special-effects make-up.


DESMOND TAN (played 50-something in The Journey: Tumultuous Times).

“It’s quite a hassle to ‘age’. I usually need about half an hour for make-up but for Tumultuous Times, I needed an hour and a half. When I perspired, all the lines would go, so I needed touch-ups for almost every shot, otherwise I’d look old in the morning and young in the afternoon. Apart from the make-up, I hunched — so I had very bad backaches. It takes a lot of work to be old — and I can foresee a lot of work to be done to not look old in future!”



“八公子”录贺岁专辑 陈泂江、陈罗密欧领头

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I-Weekly Family Cookout Contest (Final Round) @ Tampines Mall

Date & Time: Jan 24, 2015 (Sat), 3pm