2020 Spread Love with DT – Save the Animals Donation

The Australian bushfires have been burning for months and many of you would have seen pictures of koalas, kangaroos and other Australian native species which managed to escape the fire.

Photo credits: 100% to original owner

Photo credits: 100% to original owner

Photo credits: 100% to original owner






Members of DestanationFC has humbly come together to donate $850.00AUD, under Desmond Tan’s name, in support of WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation in its effort to recover Australia wildlife.
We are so honoured to be a part of this donation drive. Desmond Tan, a vivid animal lover, has always motivated us to spread the love to people around us. What more for these animals who are greatly affected by the bushfires!

We are deeply grateful to every Destany that helped make this possible. Let us continue to #spreadlovewithDT!
Go, and be kind!

SGIFF Red Carpet

This is the 30th year Singapore International Film Festival(SGIFF) is happening and Desmond Tan had the opportunity to walk down the red carpet!

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Jim Beam Event

Music, friends, games, Jim Beam High Ball and Desmond Tan? All on a Thursday evening?
Sounds about right to us!

Destines spent their past Thursday evening at Tanjong Pagar centre with Desmond Tan over drinks and games! It was a great night!

Find out what we did!

Keisuke X Kemono Event

Congratulations Keisuke X Kemono on your new collaboration! Ramen Keisuke Group, billed as the “largest ramen chain in Singapore”, partnered with Kemono, a healthy roast chicken joint that adopts memes as its marketing strategy.


Desmond had the opportunity to be present at the event to spend some time with his fans! He also managed to give away a soft toy to 1 lucky fan by winning at the claw machine! It was a well spent evening with Desmond!


* PS, few more days before Desmond comes home to Singapore for good after spending the past couple of months overseas. We miss you Desmond, and we can’t wait for you to be home! <3
For more photos from the event, you can view them here! Thank you Destines

Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Desmond is the new ambassador of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10!
Having fly back to Singapore from Taiwan, Desmond Tan made his appearance more memorable by serenading us with 2 of his tracks! Click below to listen!

Thank you Destines

你那边怎样,我这边ok | All is well drama roadshow @ Compass One

Following the roadshow at Tampines, Desmond Tan made his way to Compass One with many other casts from the show to promote the drama! Watch the highlights below. Stay tuned to the back for a special surprise!

你那边怎样,我这边ok | All is well drama roadshow @ Tampines

Promotions for drama <你那边怎样,我这边ok, All is well> has started and Desmond had the opportunity to be at Tampines to promote the drama! Want to know what happened? Watch the highlights below!

For more pictures! Click here!

Happy Birthday Desmond

Happy Birthday Desmond! We hope you enjoyed the celebration put together for you. May you continue to work hard towards your dreams and fight for things worth fighting for! All the best for whatever you are doing and strive for the better! 

Thank you also to all our Destines for making the celebration possible! 

For more pictures, they are here!

Surprising (supporting) Desmond

There was earthquake and then there was typhoon. Little did Desmond know, who was in Taiwan, that support was coming! 

Thank you Destines for flying over to show support, love and kindness for Desmond while he is in Taiwan! We are sure that in the midst of all those shaking and raining, it brought a little warmth to Desmond’s heart.  


Destanation Fanclub is 8!

Time flies and we are now 8! Thank you all Destines who stood with us thus far! Thank you also to TheDesmondTan, for always being a constant role model to us! We love you and we’ll continue to be behind you, supporting you each and every step of the way! 

To celebrate, TheDesmondTan and Destines went to an art jamming studio, where everyone had a chance to design their own tote bag! Peace not war