05032020 – Cosmic Boy — Desmond Tan In March ’20 Big Blast Issue

From bringing his own prop fishes to the set and sitting on a fire hydrant on the streets while reading scripts to subsisting on a diet of tuna and salt crackers for months to play a WW2 role, the industrious Desmond Tan proves why the stars are shining brighter for him.!

For anybody who has had the pleasure of being within a 30cm radius of Desmond Tan like this writer, the first thing one will notice is electricity crackling up his own body. The 33-year- old’s eye contact is intense – one part masculine swagger, one part boyish charm – and he answers questions without a moment of hesitation.

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02032020 -【艺人上菜】陈泂江


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29022020 – 郑惠玉、黄俊雄等艺人派送关怀礼包 致敬前线医护人员


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28022020 -【冲绳直击】陈泂江 一切很美,只因有你


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