Jim Beam Event

Music, friends, games, Jim Beam High Ball and Desmond Tan? All on a Thursday evening?
Sounds about right to us!

Destines spent their past Thursday evening at Tanjong Pagar centre with Desmond Tan over drinks and games! It was a great night!

At parties, you can never miss out on Beer Pong. Check out Desmond looking super professional aiming at his target! 

Did we also mention that you’ll get a chance at the claw machine with every Jim Beam High Ball purchased? 

Jim Beam High Ball will still be available from 23rd to 25th October from 4pm till 10pm at Tanjong Pagar Cebntre! Go check it out if you haven’t already done so! 
Or if you already did, why not go get yourself another drink with a friend (maybe two) and chill the night away! 
As quoted by Desmond Tan, “You don’t wanna miss it!”

We’re sure you’ll have so much fun like we did! Thank you all Destines who came to chill with us! Forever grateful!

For more pictures from that night, you may view them here!

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