多年后的全家福 Home Again

[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 20]


Ping An initiates the breakup and return the ring to Feng Shou. Feng Shou attempts to save it, but Ping An confesses that she has another person in her heart, and Feng Shou knows that person is Ah Lang. Feng Shou and Ah Lang work together to solve the technical problems of the vertical farm. The two of them go to celebrate together and Feng Shou tries to test Ah Lang.


[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 19]


Ping An reveals to Feng Shou that she told Qi Qi’s mother about Qi Qi’s pregnancy back then, because she was worried that Qi Qi would do something stupid, and she didn’t expect that it would indirectly cause the two to breakup. Ping An apologizes to Feng Shou, who is shocked, and Ping An guesses that the fake breakup letter is from Qi Qi’s mother, Feng Shou cannot accept it and leaves sadly.


[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 18]


Feng Shou goes online to find relatives and he finds out that Mia is his daughter. Qi Qi recalls the time when she received Feng Shou’s breakup letter and how her mother forced her to break up, she could not forgive Feng Shou. Feng Shou explains that he didn’t write the letter, Qi Qi doesn’t believe it. Feng Shou hopes to improve his relationship with Qi Qi and Mia, but he is not forgiven by both.


[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 17]


Feng Shou is spraying pesticide in the scorching sun and suddenly faints. When they find out that the pesticide is not completely diluted, they suspect that Ah Lang is the one behind it. Ah Lang leaves sadly without justifying. Mia feels bad and tells Feng Shou that she caused him to be poisoned. Feng Shou is shocked and asks why, Mia refuses to say, Feng Shou angrily dismisses her.


[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 16]


Fu Gui wakes up after the surgery and wants to see Ah Lang. Fu Gui overheard Lao Mei and Jack’s conversation, and he knows that Ah Lang is a fake. Fu Gui asks Ah Lang where Jian Kang is, and Ah Lang confesses that Jian Kang has passed away. Fu Gui is in tears. Lian Na can’t believe Ah Lang is an imposter. Ah Lang takes everyone to the place where Jian Kang is buried, and they mourn him in grief.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 15]


There is a typhoon in Taiwan and Feng Shou could not contact Ping An, so he decides to look for her in Taiwan. Shi Yun brings Ping An and Ah Lang to another hotel and books a suite for the siblings. Ah Lang and Ping An feel awkward but cannot explain. Ah Lang is in pain because he was hit by a signboard on his back. While Ping An is giving him a massage, Feng Shou suddenly arrives.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 14]


Thinking of Jian Kang’s tragic experience, Ah Lang almost wanted to strangle Jack to death, punching and kicking him to vent his anger. Jack confesses that he was scared when the loan shark asked him to give up his own son in exchange. When Ah Lang reveals the fact that Jian Kang is dead, Lao Mei is worried that Fu Gui can’t stand the blow and decides to hide it for the time being.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 13]


Before Ah Lang leaves for Taiwan, he receives a call from Lao Mei, who wants him to come to the hospital. Jack told Lao Mei that Ah Lang was not Jian Kang, therefore Lao Mei wanted to confront Ah Lang. Truth is, Jack was involved in the abduction of Jian Kang. The loan shark thought that Jian Kang was Jack’s son and took him away to pay off his debts, and finally sold him to a human trafficker.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 12]


Lian Na and Fu Gui are upset when they find out Ping An and Feng Shou are dating. Lian Na tells Feng Shou that he’s not her ideal son-in-law. Fu Gui decides to let Ping An and Ah Lang visit the vertical farm in Taiwan, also to separate Ping An and Feng Shou. Knowing that they cannot accept him, Feng Shou convinces Bao Zhen to invest in the vertical farm and intending to show Fu Gui some results.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 11]


Fu Gui proposes to develop a vertical farm and appoints Ah Lang to be in charge. Ah Lang does not have the confidence, but Fu Gui says he will send him for training. Bao Zhen is worried about the funds and capital recovery. Fu Gui continues to persuade her, hoping to convince her. Bao Zhen begins to feel different from Fu Gui’s business philosophy and secretly plans for the future.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 10]


Ah Lang tells Ping An how he and Jian Kang met in a farm in Northern Thailand. The two eventually manage to escape, but Jian Kang gets sick. Ah Lang finds out from the internet that Ping An is looking for his brother. Jian Kang is excited and wants to contact Ping An, but he eventually died of a serious illness. Before his death, he asks Ah Lang to use his identity to take care of his parents.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 9]


Fu Gui admitted to hospital due to gastralgia, and Ping An wants him to stay in for examination. Ah Lang helps Fu Gui to the toilet, leaving his mobile phone in the ward. Ping An receives Deleon’s text, saying that they may have found Uncle Sekali long lost son. Ping An contacts Sekali and sees Ah Lang’s phone keeps ringing and she begin to suspect Ah Lang is Sekali.

富贵因胃痛入院,平安要他留院做检查。阿朗扶富贵去厕所,手机留在病房里。此时平安接到Deleon的简讯,说可能找到Uncle Sekali失散多年的儿子。


[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 8]


Lian Na tells Bao Zhen that Feng Shou is not her ideal son-in-law, she hopes that Bao Zhen can dissuade him from pursuing Ping An. Bao Zhen is furious and frustrated with Feng Shou fiddling around, making people look down on him. If Feng Shou really likes Ping An, he should prove to everyone that he is not the same as before. Feng Shou is inspired and plucks up the courage to confess to Ping An.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 7]


Bao Zhen and Feng Shou quarrel, she blames Feng Shou for her husband’s death, again. Ah Lang realises that Feng Shou’s father died in an accident on the night of the kidnapping. Ah Lang tells Bao Zhen actually Da Di saw him being abducted, he was anxious, trying to chase after him, and the car accident happened, so it had nothing to do with Feng Shou. Bao Zhen realises she wrongly accuses her son.

宝真和丰收吵架,宝真再次把丈夫的死怪罪到丰收身上,阿朗听见,才知道丰收的父亲在事发当晚便因车祸去世 。


[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 6]


The vegetable garden was infested with pests, and everyone was puzzled. It was Xiao Ma Ge who threw the fruit peel into the garden, thinking that the vegetable will grow faster. Ah Lang teaches everyone how to make props for pest control and is appreciated by all except for Feng Shou, and when he sees Ah Lang and Ping An having intimate contacts, he becomes more exasperated.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 5]


Feng Shou lists out all kinds of evidence to prove Xiao Ma Ge is Jian Kang, everyone does not know who is real and who is fake. Lian Na suddenly remembers that she accidentally scalded Jian Kang when he was a child and left a scar on his body, so she examines Ah Lang and Xiao Ma Ge and confirms that Ah Lang is Jian Kang. The Ye family is reunited and can finally take a family photo.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 4]


Fu Gui and Ah Lang plays ping pong as it shocks them that Ah Lang’s skills are better than last time. He says that when he’s at Northern Thailand, his only leisure is to play ping pong with his friend. Feng Shou plays with him as he says that Ah Lang uses the right hand but Jian Kang is left-handed. He then challenges Ah Lang to his favourite Game Boy since young as he tries to avoid.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 3]


Ping An confirms that Ah Lang is Jian Kang as he returns home to reunite with his dad. It’s Kang Le’s first time seeing his brother as he feels weird and reminds Ping An to be careful of fraud. Ping An wants Kang Le and the brother to get along to not make Fu Gui unhappy. Fu Gui brings Ah Lang to the farm but he doesn’t know Lao Mei and his godmother, Bao Zhen, which makes Lao Mei suspicious.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 2]


Ping An keeps running into the mysterious guy, Ah Lang, from Northern Thailand. Feng Shou suspects that he’s following Ping An as Nimosa takes pictures of him. Ah Lang wants Nimosa to delete the photos but accidentally touches Nimosa’s arm as she shouts “molest”. Feng Shou wants to call the police to catch Ah Lang but Ah Lang suddenly says that he’s Ping An’s brother, Ye Jian Kang.



[多年后的全家福 Home Again Ep 1]


Fu Gui and wife, Lian Na, have a son and a daughter, Ye Jian Kang and Ye Ping An. 24 years ago, 8-year-old Jian Kang was abducted before Chinese New Year. At that time, he was seen with Dadi’s son, Feng Shou. Dadi went out to find Feng Shou and died in a car accident. Later, Dadi’s wife invited Fu Gui to run the farm together. Over the years, Fu Gui has not given up looking for health.