Give to Gift

Birthday celebrations came early for Desmond Tan!

Desmond Tan and Destines got up bright and early on 12th August 2017, to gather together not only to celebrate Desmond’s birthday, but also to do something meaningful!

We paired up with The Food Bank Singapore to donate and distribute food bundles to those who needed it more than us. Destines first worked together to put those food bundles together, then went in groups to the neighbouring blocks to distribute those food bundles! It was such a lovely sight to see so many meaningful interactions happen that day.

After which, we all celebrated Desmond’s birthday!

It was indeed a fun-filled and meaningful day. Definitely well spent!
We are sure that everyone had fun and went home with their hearts filled with satisfaction and much joy.
On a side note, let’s see what our Destines have to say!

Hi 🙂 I find that the event is good and very meaningful. It is because we can have teamwork with other Destines while packing and organising the food items and sending them to the people who needed it. When they say thank you to us and smile at us, I will feel happy and wonderful that we did good things 🙂 It would be great if the committee can organise something similar again 😉 Once again thank you to all that helped out 🙂
– Jingwen 😉

The event was really meaningful as I really enjoyed myself together with other Destines. I really learnt a lot of values through this event. Hope to have this kind of event in the future! Thank you for organising this event!
– Yan San

I am very happy that I am able to do charity through Desmond and Destanation. As much as I would love to do charity work or donations, I am afraid that some were untrustable. So through my nurse who always do missionary work in her church, I did some donations to Vietnam for them to raise funds to bulid houses; similar to how we donated to the building of the well in Cambodia last year. That’s why when I knew we are donating food bundles, I decided to donate at the amount I am comfortable with.
I knew there are many people living in those one room flat so even though I was prepared, my heart still sank after after seeing their house conditions on 12th Aug. We are very fortunate that have a job and enough to eat. After doing this Food Bank event with Desmond, I have decided to donate some bundles at my comfortable amount monthly if possible, for the less fortunate. I am looking forward to more similar events with Desmond and Destanation as it helps us bond together as well and know each other better.
– Candy Goh
I am thankful for these types of events as it is very meaningful and fun in many different aspects. As an individual, it is hard to do this kind of things alone. So by having these kinds of event outside of the normal gatherings that DFC does, is really a good opportunity for us to give back to society.
Not only that, these types of events will also allow us to bond between Destines. The joy of helping others is really priceless. Only by doing it will we be able to feel the sense of pride and happiness; what more with us doing with Desmond himself.
If its possible for me to give some suggestions for another type of event as such;
  • Picnic with orphanage Kids (Since Des has a soft spot for kids). We can plan out games which allow us to bond with the kids and destines
  • Baking with Des. Sell the bake goods and the money goes to whichever charity organization he may want to give it to.
Area of improvement – None because it was really good and I don’t see any negative things about the event at all 🙂

 – Sabrina

It was a good time with all Destines and with Desmond Tan. Extremely meaningful activity and it also helped to create the bond and friendship. Let’s do this again!
 – Yee Hui

We would like to thank everyone once again for your joining us in the meaningful event and we hope to organise something like that again very soon!

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