因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You

[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 13]

Qian Ni assumes Zi Tong is provoking her, and they both get into a fight, but is stopped by Cai Feng who sends them off to do squats as punishment. The two girls finally get a moment to properly talk, Zi Tong admits she had always wanted a sister, she’s not asking for any handouts. Qian Ni realises how highly Cai Feng had regarded her, and had arranged for her to be transferred to a much better Taekwondo gym.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 12]

Zi Tong looks for Tian Lin to pass over a gift for Xin Yan, but accidentally overhears a conversation between Tian Lin and Zhi Sheng, and is horrified that her own father might have murdered Zhi Sheng’s father! This is why Zhi Sheng had been so distant lately, and Zi Tong’s guilty and hurt about Zhi Sheng’s traumatic childhood.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 11]

Zi Tong finally returns to the gymnasium. Every tree, every blade of grass on the gymnasium grounds is familiar to her, her memories of this place still clear in her mind, but they are an ironic contrast to her relationship with Qian Ni today. Although Cai Feng has accepted Zi Tong back into the gym, she only allows her to do the monotonous and repetitive weight trainings.


[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 10]

Zhi Sheng’s taking things slow in love, but to his surprise, Zi Tong is straightforward and completely abashed, and they finally admit their feelings to each other. When Zi Tong’s father Da Quan pokes her about her life, she openly admits she has a boyfriend. Da Quan worries for his daughter, but as he sees how calm she is, he’s proud of her growth.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 9]

Zhi Sheng is frustrated at the last report before Xiang Tiai’s death, but doesn’t want Fang Qing to worry, and deliberately shifts the conversation towards her. He teases her for having many suitors, and brings up Tian Lin. Fang Qing is reminded of Tian Lin’s various thoughtful actions, and is once again extremely moved. She starts dreaming of him day and night, picturing the two of them lovingly together.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 8]

Zi Tong accepts Zhi Sheng’s offer for the surgery, but hates not finishing what they started, so the company’s competition continues. Zi Tong and Ming Huan are mulling by the office rooftop, stuck on their idea… but get inspired by You Zhi’s presbyopia glasses, and have a breakthrough! Zhi Sheng sees them celebrating, and is happy for them.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 7]

Zi Tong is overjoyed when she finds out she has a chance to get surgery, but the money she’s painstakingly saved so far still isn’t enough to cover the costs. She decides to borrow from her brother Tian Lin. When the topic of returning to competing comes up, Tian Lin still doesn’t understand why Zi Tong’s so willing to put so much into Taekwondo. Zi Tong uses Tian Lin’s passion for journalism as an example, and he finally begins to understand his sister’s love towards Taekwondo.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 6]

Zi Tong finally returns to Zhi Sheng’s side as his special assistant, however she coldly refuses the breakfast he had asked Fang Qing to prepare for her. An idea strikes Zhi Sheng: he forcefully exchanges his bento set with Zi Tong’s instead. The colleagues are confused, completely bemused at their CEO’s actions.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 5]

On the street, Zi Tong witnesses Zhi Sheng being kidnapped by whom she suspects are He Dong’s men. Despite hesitating for a few moments initially, she decides to follow the vehicle and rescues him. Unexpectedly, Zhi Sheng takes advantage of the kidnap and upon meeting He Dong, he persuades him to cooperate instead. Zi Tong is annoyed when she realises that she’s been worried for nothing, and Zhi Sheng worries that Zi Tong’s old injury may have gotten worse in the process of saving him.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 4]

A piece of news report with the headline drops, shoving a wedge between Zi Tong and Zhi Sheng’s growing relationship. There is chaos in the courier service admin office, everyone is busy responding to various media’s untrue speculations and allegations about the incident. Zi Tong makes fun at Zhi Sheng for his attempts to make life difficult for her so that she would quit voluntarily, Zhi Sheng is convinced that Zi Tong did betray him and fires her in anger.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 3]

Due to misunderstandings on Zi Tong’s unscrupulous means of making money, Zhi Sheng deliberately proposes for her to be his perfect assistant for a week as punishment and adhere to his many demands without question. He didn’t expect that with the help of Ren Jia, her friend and colleague at the convenience store, Zi Tong not only transforms her outlook completely her per requested, but she also becomes impeccable in fulfilling all of Zhi Sheng’s requirements.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 2]

At late night, Zhi Sheng hears a strange noise, a thief is in his living room. He is on alert and tries to subdue the thief with a baseball bat unsuccessfully. The thief has a knife and during the rigorous scuffle, Zhi Sheng is frozen on spot, traumatised by bloodstains, fragments of his childhood rushing back. Just as he is about to pass out, Zi Tong appears at the right time and stops the thief swiftly with a rotation kick.



[因为我喜欢你 Falling Into You Ep 1]


In Zi Tong’s life, money comes first, money is life. Zi Tong is unpopular among her courier colleagues for being unscrupulous at work, but no one truly understands her true reasons for it and why money is so important for her.