Destanation Turns 6!

Greetings to all! We hope your 2017 has been great so far!
Up till now, our 2017 has been super awesome, fill with many achievements, joy and laughter!

On 26th May 2017, Destanation is celebrating our 6th anniversary! *clapclap*They always say, time flies while you are having fun!
We are also grateful to all Destines that have stood by us all these while and showing all your constant support. It really means a lot to all of us and of course, Desmond!

Destanation will be holding a 6th year anniversary celebration this Saturday.

The theme is ‘Dressalicious’! As the name suggests, all will be expected to attend with dresses/skirts.
(Of course guys, it’ll be up to your creativity!)
Oooooo~ We can’t wait to see how it would turn out!

Click here for the pictures from that day!

Once again, we are so touched and happy that we are here at this milestone!
To many more years ahead!


Here is a video, for all to enjoy!

  1. I have only joined for about 1 and a half year but all destined are so friendly like a big family. I am glad that I choose to join DFC. Happy 6th anniversary and many more 6s to come and to me it’s Top if the top of all fanclubs

  2. I would lime to join desmond fc

  3. Happy 6th anniversary Destination. I will join in the future and hope to create more happy memories in the club 🙂


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