[Derek Ep 4] – 22022019

Assignment Derek Ho suffers a setback when Derek attempts suicide in his prison cell and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Winnie finds out the name of the mystery girl in the photo…Stephanie. But who is she ?


[Derek Ep 3] – 21022019

Going through Derek’s personal belongings seized by the police, Winnie comes across an old photograph of Derek with a young girl whose face cannot be seen. The investigating officers, Isp Han and SSSgt Razali, cannot provide clues to the girl’s identity. So Winne starts digging.


[Derek Ep 2] – 15022019

Winnie is assigned to handle Derek’s case, despite De Silva’s own misgivings. She tries to put together a history of Derek, but is angry when Derek feeds her a series of lies.


[Derek Ep 1] – 14022019

A task force of psychologists led by Dr De Silva has been assembled to profile Derek Ho, Singapore’s first serial killer. But he won’t speak to any of them. All their efforts to get Derek to cooperate fail, until Derek sets his eyes on Dr Winnie Low, a young assistant working with De Silva.