Congratulations to Desmond for yet another nomination in this year’s Star Awards 2019! Our lucky number this year for the Top 10 Favourite Male Artist award is 1900-112-2033!

For those below 18 years old and wish to call and vote for Desmond, please kindly seek parents approval before doing so! You may choose to vote for him online here as well! Thank you for all your love and support for Desmond. Let us all work together to get this award!! Vote away!

Heart felt congratulations to Desmond Tan for earning a Best Actor nomination in this year’s Star Awards! His character in 《你也可以是天使 3 | You Can Be an Angel Too 3》has touched the hearts of viewers! Like his reel name (Sunny Sia),  he indeed radiates warmth and kindness to all around him!

Congratulations once again and thank you, for always doing your best!

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