Body SOS Carnival @ Suntec Convention Centre

Singapore’s biggest health expo is back again with many health foods and health talks made available for the public!
Not only so, there was a live recording for the Channel 8 variety show 《小毛病大问题》and Desmond was invited to be part of the guest of the recording.

The main topic for that episode was about stroke and never did we know that the symptoms of stroke may come in many forms and ways. We should all be careful of what we do or what we eat on a daily basis. Health always come first!

A few questions and demonstrations were asked and done during the filming and Desmond managed to clear them all! To find out what was actually done, stay tuned when the episode airs on Channel 8 later this year! 

We are once again thankful to all Destines that came down for the filming and givingDesmond Tan their fullest support!
It was definitely a good to end a Sunday and be filled with energy to start the upcoming week!

For more photos from the filming, you may view them here!

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