你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 20] -20092019


When the news of Pin Rui being wanted for murder is broadcast on television, Hao Sen knows that he can no longer serve as the General Manager of Teng Sheng Bank. He hands over his position to his deputy General Manager and decides to bear all the consequences. Pin Rui holds Xiao Ai and Ting Xuan captive. After Xiao Ai reads the letter that Ting Xuan has written to her, she finally understands his intention. The police ambushes Pin Rui and in the chaos, Ting Xuan gets injured while protecting Xiao Ai.


你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 19] -19092019


Ting Xuan heads to the Teng Sheng clubhouse backyard with a shovel to dig for evidence and true enough, he finds a crucial piece of evidence – a knife covered with blood stains. The forensic department discovers that the blood stains on the blade belong to Zhi Ling and that the fingerprints on the handle of the knife have also been destroyed. After restoring the weapon, it has been confirmed that the fingerprints belong to Pin Rui. The police issues a warrant for his arrest.


你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 18] -18092019


As Xiao Ai often took time off to settle her private matters, she gets fired from her job. She is astonished and dumbfounded when she subsequently discovers that Hao Sen was behind it. When Xiao Ai and Hao Sen meet up, they feel disconnected and distant. Xiao Ai reveals about her relationship with Zhi Ling and insists on adopting Xiao Ji. Hao Sen is speechless and a disappointed Xiao Ai suggests a break up.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 17] -17092019


Xiao Ai wishes to return to Taiwan to help Hao Sen. Hao Sen refuses and insists that she stays in Singapore to handle Uncle Yang’s matter. Hao Sen mentions that only thing that he can do is for Uncle Yang is to hire a top-notch lawyer to help Uncle Yang win the case. A disheartened Xiao Ai said that her superior and colleagues have been complaining about her because of her recent dealings with these matters, Hao Sen asks Xiao Ai to resign instead and she feels even more disappointed after hearing that.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 16] -16092019


Zhi Ling’s dead body was found at the clubhouse. Uncle Yang claims he only saw Zhi Ling’s body when he returned to the clubhouse on the night of the incident, and did not see Pin Rui, Li Hao and the others. As he was worried that Hao Sen would be implicated, he decided to bury the corpse. The police detains Uncle Yang for suspicion of murder as he did not make a report after discovering the corpse and did not have an alibi.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 15] -13092019

李昊威胁廷轩为他办事,提供品睿的讯息。廷轩故意开着手机,让佳欣听到两人的对话。佳欣终看清李昊的真面目,与他决裂。 警方查到蔡富莱命案的嫌疑犯,佳欣前去捉人,在现场看见李昊。过程中佳欣差点被人打伤,李昊扑上去帮她挡,结果中枪倒下。

Li Hao threatens Ting Xuan to provide information about Pin Rui. Ting Xuan deliberately leaves his phone turned on in order to let Jia Xin hear their conversation. Jia Xin finally sees Li Hao’s true colours and decides to cut off ties with him. When the police finds the suspect of Cai Fu Lai’s murder case, Jia Xin rushes down to the scene to catch the suspect and sees Li Hao. Jia Xin nearly gets injured in the process but is saved by Li Hao when he takes a bullet for her.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 14] -12092019



While trying on their wedding outfits, Xiao Ai thought of Zhi Ling and feels depressed. Hao Sen is shocked to discover that the girl who was killed at the club house previously was Xiao Ai’s good friend. He asks Pin Rui if he is aware of this but he denies it and said the girl was invited by Li Hao.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 13] -11092019



Hao Sen goes to meet Wei Yun, but to his surprise, he sees Eric instead. Eric expresses that his life is being threatened, while Hao Sen is also being monitored by Yan Feng. Eric agrees to help Hao Sen hack into the biotechnology company to steal data, but on the condition that Hao Sen must allow him to return to work at the bank and not to pursue the fact that he faked his education credentials. Hao Sen agreed.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 12] -10092019



Ting Xuan is captured and dragged to the warehouse by Li Hao’s men. Li Hao plans to kill Pin Rui’s driver and frame Ting Xuan for it. He threatens Ting Xuan to find out about Pin Rui’s departure details and says that he will arrange for Ting Xuan to be with Pin Rui. Under Li Hao’s secret arrangement, Ting Xuan becomes Pin Rui’s driver and starts collecting evidence of Pin Rui’s crimes.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 10] – 06092019



Hao Sen asks Chen Chu to help investigate on the correspondence between his brother Yao Sen and his uncle Yan Feng, Shi Na Da and Long Hang. Chen Chu said he is not skilled in hacking and asks Hao Sen to find someone else for help. Hao Sen thought of Eric and asks him to help. Little does Hao Sen know, the email he sent to Eric was also sent to Chen Chu’s mailbox. Everything seems to be under Chen Chu’s control.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 9] – 05092019



in Rui brings Ting Xuan and gang to Li Hao’s casino and questions Li Hao if he is responsible for Linda’s accident. Li Hao denies and the two get into a fight. Upon hearing about the fight, Jia Xin rushes down. Li Hao sees Jia Xin again and her cool personality leaves an even deeper impression on him.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 8] – 04092019



Linda discovers a listening device planted underneath a table and knows her movements are being monitored. She quickly destroys and discards the device. She logs into her online bank account and transfers all her funds into Peter’s account. She asks Peter to wait for her at home as she has something to tell him. However, Linda dies in a car accident on the way home as a result of dodging a motorcycle.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 7] – 03092019



With the help of his informers, Ting Xuan successfully joins Pin Rui’s organisation. When he arrives at Pin Rui’s bar, he discovers his men trying to pin down Cai Fu Lai’s location and joins the gang members to search for him. Cai Fu Lai suffers from a drug addiction relapse and is discovered by Ah Bing, Pin Rui’s right-hand man. Ah Bing injects drugs into Cai Fu Lai, causing him to die.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 6] – 02092019



Hao Sen asks Linda for the backstory on the relationship between his brother Yao Sen and Long Hang. Linda reveals that it is actually Yan Feng, the Vice President, who first started working together with Long Hang. As the Wu family has ties with the underworld, Yao Sen has repeatedly clashed with Yan Feng over this. Subsequently, Li Hao decides to bid for the project when Pin Rui forcefully steps into his turf.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 5] – 30082019



Uncle Yang breaks into Ming Jie’s house, and forges a suicide note for Ming Jie’s death, but police officer Jia Xin does not believe that Ming Jie will commit suicide. Xiao Ai joins an advertising company that is responsible for Hao Sen’s company’s advertisements. Both of them interact often and grow closer. A video that Zhi Ling recorded to wish her son Xiao Ji happy birthday is uploaded online. Jia Xin tracks the source of the video, and finds out that it was sent from April’s phone. April was also a hostess that night, but she has already fled to Taiwan.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 4] – 29082019



Fu Lai is kept captive by Pin Rui, who injects drugs in him, and tortures him into telling them what had happened on the ship. Fu Lai finds a chance to escape. Hao Sen has a video conference with the Taiwan headquarters on the case of their ATM machines dispensing money, and suspects that Eric as the main culprit. Li Hao tells Hao Sen that he will find Eric and hand him over. Hao Sen’s housekeeper Uncle Yang realises that Zhi Ling’s boyfriend Ming Jie knew that she had gone to the guest house that night, so he stages a car accident to kill him.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 3] – 28082019



Li Hao insists that Pin Rui has framed him, but does not dare to alert the police. He orders his subordinates to bury Zhi Ling’s body in the guesthouse’s backyard. To prove he was not at the scene, Hao Sen calls Xiao Ai, whom he had met that night, and arranges to meet her. Both of them have a meal together, and while they appear to be engaged in conversation, they harbour other intentions towards each other.


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 2] – 27082019



Long Hang’s Pin Rui and Shi Nai Da Trading Company’s successor Li Hao compete to bid for a tender with Teng Sheng Bank, leaving Hao Sen in a dilemma. Hao Sen welcomes them to his guesthouse, but both of them get into an argument. Hao Sen leaves them for a while, but comes back to find out that a fatal accident has happened. Zhi Ling, a hostess who had accompanied them to drink, has been killed and her body is found next to Li Hao, who had passed out. Pin Rui is nowhere to be found !


[你那边怎样·我这边OK Ep 1] – 26082019



A cargo ship has set sail from the Philippines. Ship member Ma Dong Bao and his subordinates kill off everyone on the ship, but Cai Fu Lai survives the ordeal. Fu Lai wakes up and escapes with the use of a lifeboat. The cargo ship has been used by Long Hang, a Taiwanese company, for smuggling. It is managed by Wu Pin Rui, and is under investigation by the Taiwanese authorities. Guo Hao Sen is appointed as the general manager of Teng Sheng Bank’s Singapore branch, and he becomes the target of Xiao Ai, who is determined to marry into a rich family.