Send us your Birthday Wishes!

Has #SergeantLoke aka Desmond Tan ever made you smile with his sweet actions?
Has he ever made you laugh through his interactions with the people around him?
Has he ever made you felt worried for him when things did not go right?
Has he ever left an impression on you?

You have a chance to let him know now! In conjunction with his upcoming birthday, we will be collecting messages from you! ?

Please try to ensure that your wishes are within 25-50words. It will be good if you could write about what you liked about Sergeant Loke too!
Also, please avoid simple generic messages such as just ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘生日快乐’ as it may/may not be translated into our birthday messages project! Do note that multiple entries is not allowed.

Do submit your birthday wishes via the google doc form! All are welcome ?
*Deadline 10 August 2359hrs*

Send your messages here!

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