已读不回 Bluetick

[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 20 – 280918]

最终, 思冬会选择牺牲自己还是为了阻止方行回来而让他彻底地消失还是另有想法? 他向宋皓然要求见念夏一面, 他告诉念夏要等他回来。他们的记忆可以再还原吗?

Ultimately, will Sidong choose to sacrifice himself or stop Fangxing from coming back and get rid of him totally or something else? He asks to meet Nianxia and tells her to wait for his return… can their memories be recovered once again?


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 19 – 280918]

思冬叫念夏等人离开, 并让组织把他带回基地。如果不想死, 思冬必须清除记忆, 回到之前还不认识念夏的时候。组织会怎么处置他? 他又肯不肯忘记念夏?

Sidong asks the trio to leave and lets the organisation bring him back to their base. In order to live, Sidong has to be cleared of all his memories, till the time before he met Nianxia. How will they deal with him and would he bear to forget Nianxia?


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 18 – 270918]


Nianxia asked Sidong if he was Chen Fangxing. Fangxing couldn’t admit.To keep Nianxia safe, Sidong presented himself to Song Haoran. In order to test how much Nianxia knew about Sidong’s identity, Song Haoran asked Nianxia who she would choose if Fangxing came back.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 17 – 270918]


Fangxing wanted to fake his death but did not wish to clear his memories. He hence laid down a maze to help Sidong find out the mastermind of his death. Song Haoran’s subordinate realized Sidong had recovered his memories and decided to punish him according to the “rules”.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 16 – 260918]


思冬回到方行的住家, 希望能知道他在想什么, 令思冬无可相信的是方行突然出现在他的面前~ 其实, 莫思冬就是陈方行?

Sidong returns to Fangxing’s place and tries to figure out what he was thinking. He is shocked when Fangxing appears~ Actually Mo Sidong is Chen Fangxing?


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 15 – 260918]

思冬和念夏终于见到丧礼的最后一个出席者, 黎国权。他是从外国回来的所以一直联络不到, 也是宣慈的男朋友。在聊天时, 思冬发现自己与方行的回忆跟国权所说是相同的, 他们回到小时候去过的地方但没有人对思冬有任何印象。思冬决定一个人去找黎牧师寻找自己。

Sidong and Nianxia finally meet Li Guoquan, the 10th attendee who just came back from overseas. He is also Xuanci’s boyfriend. While chatting, Sidong realises that he shares the same memories with Fangxing as Guoquan. They revisit their childhood places but no one has any impression of Sidong. Sidong decides to seek help from Pastor Li to find himself


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 14 – 250918]

想要袭击思冬和念夏并害死方行的人竟然是楚恩和德英。楚恩承认了自己的过错但德英却不肯。原来德英是个职业杀手, 在逃走时, 被一辆摩托车撞死, 等等。。这真的是普通的交通意外吗? 与思冬所料, 宋皓然果然没被炸死, 后者的举动让思冬怀疑他是敌还是友?

The assasins turn out to be Deying and Chu’en. The latter admits but Deying refuses. While running away, Deying is knocked down. As what Sidong expected, Song Haoran is still alive and he doubts whether he is a friend or a foe


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 13 – 250918]


思冬获念夏和一位神秘人的协助, 成功逃脱凶手。他终于找到方行想要给他的证据, 便打算举办一个追思会, 公开揭发凶手到底是何人。你觉得就那么简单吗? 还是背后有更大的阴谋?

Sidong escapes unhurt with the help of Nianxia and a mysterious person. He finds the evidence in the storage locker and decides to hold a memorial for Fangxing to announce the truth. Who is the one behind it and is it really that simple?


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 12 – 240918]


思冬在喜愉的储物柜里找到了方行留下的一把钥匙但他对钥匙的用意仍无头绪。念夏醒来后, 就叫宣慈带她去新加坡, 给思冬一个惊喜。思冬在追查更多线索时又险遭遇不测

Sidong finds a key Fangxing left behind but has no clue on its purpose yet. Xuanci surprises him with Nianxia, who has woken up, in Singapore. More clues from Fangxing leads him to a storage locker and Sidong nearly meets with harm yet again


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 11 – 240918]

思冬感觉医院有人在监视, 当他要追捕疑犯时, 他收到了喜愉来自新加坡的电话。宣慈答应会好好照顾念夏, 好让思冬安心回新加坡见喜愉。回到新加坡, 思冬再次被埋伏, 幸得喜愉及时出现救了他。喜愉告诉思冬原来方行曾经把一盒箱子留在她的储物柜里。

Sidong senses being watched at the hospital and just when he was about to go after him, he receives a call from Xiyu asking him to make a trip back to Singapore. Xuanci agrees to look after Nianxia so he can leave at ease. Back in Singapore, he is ambushed once again but fortunately saved by Xiyu in time. Xiyu reveals Fangxing left a box in her locker before


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 10 – 210918]


Sidong confessed to Nianxia. They were about to kiss but got interrupted by a mysterious assassin. Nianxia fainted. Xuanci came to Hong Kong to visit Nianxia. Sidong was determined to find out the truth in order to keep Nianxia safe. Finally, they found Song Haoran’s card and some insurance letters. Exactly who killed Fangxing ?


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 9 – 210918]

念夏利用方行的电话发讯息给李凯欣,吓得李凯欣逃出宾馆,在街上被警察抓。 李凯欣被判刑,念夏前往探望,希望代方行帮助李凯欣重回正轨。思冬用心安排约会,念夏开心赴会,却看见宋皓然出现!而在另一个暗角里,还有两个杀手匿伏着。

Nianxia sent Li Kaixin a message with Fangxing’s phone, frightening her into running out of the hotel and getting caught by the police. Li Kaixin was sentenced. Nianxia visited her in jail, hoping to help her. Sidong and Nianxia happily went on a date but saw Song Haoran. Meanwhile two assassins were getting ready to ambush them.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 8 – 200918]


念夏承认已读不回是假的, 她这么做是要让思冬跟她一起调查方行的死。原来方行寄给念夏的东西里包括一封写给思冬的信。到底信里写了什么? 是方行要跟思冬交待什么吗?

Nianxia admits that she created the bluetick incident to make Sidong investigate with her. It turns out that among the items Fangxing sent to Nianxia is a letter addressed to Sidong. What did Fangxing want to tell Sidong?


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 7 – 200918]

思冬问念夏是否真的值得为方行牺牲生命。他们起了争执, 令思冬无奈而离开。知道自己不可能取代方行在念夏心里的位置, 他只好收拾心情回新加坡一趟。他和宣慈对话时, 突然有所领悟, 前往找黎牧师。他发现其实他早就心里有数已读不回是谁搞出来的

Sidong questions Nianxia whether Fangxing is worth risking her life for and they get into an argument. Knowing he can never replace him, Sidong decides to return to Singapore. He is enlightened through a conversation with Xuanci and goes to find Pastor Li. He realises that he already had an idea who was behind the bluetick


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 6 – 190918]


宋皓然的风水店时有时无, 令人匪夷所思。本想到诺谦的组屋区查探, 却又碰上他的父母。探望他们之后, 思冬和念夏就到案发现场看一看

The Fengshui Shop owned by Song Haoran seems to appear and disappear in its own will.  Initially just to check out Nuoqian’s neighbourhood, Sidong and Nianxia end up meeting his parents. After a visit to their home, they decide to make a trip to the crime scene to investigate further.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 5 – 190918]

思冬和念夏还没机会见到诺谦就得知他已遇害的新闻。玄学家宋皓然让他们觉得很可疑, 思冬发现念夏自己偷偷跟踪他便也跟在她后面保护她。结果, 两人被迷晕。。念夏仍坚持与思冬把宋皓然的风水店找出来。不料, 事情并没那么顺利

Nuoqian meets with harm before Sidong and Nianxia can get to see him. Metaphysicist Song Haoran arouses their suspicion and Sidong finds Nianxia secretly shadowing him. He follows Nianxia and they end up being knocked out~ This does not stop Nianxia from finding the Fengshui Shop with Sidong but things don’t go as expected after all


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 4 – 180918]



Sidong and Nianxia went back to Hong Kong to look for the other funeral attendees, but bumped into one of Fangxing’s former girlfriends, Li Kaixin, who sneaked into his house to steal money. Li Kaixin was shocked to find out Fangxing was “online”, crossing herself out from the suspect list. Sidong and Nianxia met up with Hu Deying and Song Haoran, Song Haoran knew what they were there for instantly, and warned them not to investigate further. Nianxia was certain that Song Haoran was the culprit and decided to stalk him alone.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 3 – 180918]



Zhou Daowen was frightened after receiving a message from the deceased Fangxing. He told Sidong and Nianxia that Fangxing died in a car accident on the way to the airport to fetch him. Daowen was no longer a suspect. Sidong and Nianxia went to look for Fangxing’s girlfriend He Chuen and Peng Xiyu. The three woman could tell they all liked Fangxing. Sidong realized his former friend was a playboy and convinced Nianxia to let go of the past. Nianxia decided to go back to Hong Kong to investigate the matter and Sidong followed her.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 2 – 170918]



Sidong and Nianxia met up with the other funeral attendees for investigation. Sidong brought Nianxia for a walk and ended up at Nianxia and Fangxing’s secret meeting place. Looking at the beautiful scenery, Nianxia mistook Sidong for Fangxing and almost kissed him. Sidong decided to focus on the investigation instead. They arrived at the office of Zhou Daowen, who gave a speech at the funeral. The eerie sound of weeping was heard at the office.


[已读不回  Bluetick Ep 1 – 170918]



Ten strangers arrived in Singapore for a funeral. One of them, Bi Nianxia, sent a message to the deceased, Chen Fangxing, and received a bluetick ! Nianxia was shocked and asked the man beside her, Mo Sidong, for help. Strange things started happening during the funeral. Sidong was sure someone was playing a prank. He used ‘investigation’ as an excuse to date Nianxia though