你也可以是天使3 You Can Be An Angel S3

也可以是天使3 Ep 20- 231118]


There is an outbreak of an infectious virus in the hospital; patients are isolated and family members are not able to visit them. All the medical staffs work hand in hand to prevent the spread of the virus. When Ruo Jun returns home after a tiring day in the hospital, she sees Amu who has lost his leg. Amu is feeling depressed and emotional about losing his leg, will he be able to recover from this ?


你也可以是天使3 Ep 19- 221118]


Xiao Rong feels guilty towards Dream and his mother, she apologizes to them and admits that she had revealed their information unintentionally. And that the reporter who posted the video online is her friend. Xiao Rong is worried that this incident would affect Dream’s job. But Dream says, he can always find other job but he only has one mother, and he plans to bring his mother overseas for vacation. He hopes that they can become “good friends” when he comes back.


你也可以是天使3 Ep 18- 211118]


Yuan Kai wants to dig out information about online singer Dream’s private life. Yuan Kai even peeped at Xiao Rong’s working dairy and discovered that Dream is visiting his sister Miao Yin in the hospital. Yuan Kai finds it strange as all Dream’s fan are aware that he is an only child. Yuan Kai breaks the news that Dream and Miao Yin are having an inappropriate relationship, without knowing that Miao Yin is actually Dream’s mother. Xiao Rong loses her hope on Yuan Kai.


你也可以是天使3 Ep 17- 201118]


Yuan Bin is about to confess to Yu Tian when he gets a phone call from his elder brother Yuan Jun. Yuan Jun told Yuan Bin that Bi Xia is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Everyone is at a loss. Bi Xia says she doesn’t want to let Yuan Kai know about her illness yet. Yuan Bin and Yuan Jun have no choice but to agree. Due to his family matters, Yuan Bin drops thoughts of confessing to Yu Tian for the time being.


你也可以是天使3 Ep 16- 191118]

若君无法找到阿木的下落,身心俱疲地从柬埔寨回来。美英见若君压抑心中哀痛,心疼不已。 若君在安安面前装着若无其事,但心思敏感的安安见阿木没有随同回来,也明白发生了什么事。她安慰若君,说“papa”永远都在她们心里,若君闻言感动。

Rou Jun could not find Amu in Cambodia, and she returns to Singapore physical and mentally exhausted. Mei Ying sees Rou Jun holding back her sorrows and feels pity for her. Ruo Jun acts as if nothing happened. However, An An being sensitive, knows what had happened when she saw Ruo Jun come back alone. She consoles Rou Jun saying that “papa” will always live inside their hearts forever. Ruo Jun is touched by her words.


你也可以是天使3 Ep 15- 161118]


Yu Tian, Yao Yang and Ming Zhong reunion as a family. Yu Tian advises Yao Yang to forgive himself and stop blaming himself for the death of Ah Hui. Yao Yang was curious about how Yu Tian knows about Ah Hui’s incident at first, and then he realized Yuan Bin is the one who told Yu Tian what happened in the past. Yao Yang has identified that Yuan Bin is the nurse who helped him a long time ago and he finally has a chance to thank him personally.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 14- 151118]


Pang Da did something illegal and implicated Yao Yang. Yao Yang loses his temper and left when Si Yan blamed him for leading Pang Da astray. The way Si Yan blames Yao Yang makes him recalled the death of Ah Hui and how Ah Hui’s mother blame him, this makes him feels genuinely guilty. Si Yan then knows the reason of Yao Yang’s anger.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 13- 141118]


Si Yan and Yuan Bin approached Ming Zhong’s friend, who recommended Ming Zhong to start a business in Thailand. He told Si Yan and Yuan Bin that Ming Zhong realized the business in Thailand was illegal when he reached there, but he decided to take the risk as he needs money to pay for his wife’s medical fee. Unfortunately, he was caught by the police and jailed. He did not mean to abandon his family. Yu Tian, Yao Yang and Li Lian feel remorse for blaming Ming Zhong after they know the truth.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 12- 131118]


Yuan Bin informs Yu Tian that Ming Zhong is unwilling to take the medical treatments, and went missing. Yu Tian asks Li Lian about what happened in the past. She suspects that she has been misunderstanding Ming Zhong. Yu Tian finds a hair clip beside her mother’s columbarium, and this was what Ming Zhong promised to make for her when she was a kid. She didn’t expect he remembered and made it! Yu Tian starts to have ominous presentiment that her father is waiting for death.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 11 – 121118]


Yu Tian is surprised to find out that Yuan Bin is the nurse who helped Yao Yang in the past. Yuan Bin told her what happened to Yao Yang when he first met him. Yao Yang was involved in a gang fight and witnessed his best friend Ah Hui’s being stabbed to death. Yao Yang was overwhelmed and this is also the main reason for him to turn over a new leaf. Under the influence of Yuan Bin, Yao Yang is determined to be a nurse. Yu Tian developed a good impression towards Yuan Bin after she knows the whole story.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 10 – 091118]


Si Yan realizes that Yuan Bin is the blind date that her family members arranged. They decide to act as a couple to avoid more blind date organized by their family members. Yu Tian tells Yuan Bin about Yao Yang’s past, saying that Yao Yang turned over a new leaf under the influence of one male nurse, making him determined to become a nurse. After hearing this, Yuan Bin smiled. Yu Tian realizes the male nurse might be Yuan Bin.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 9 – 081118]

明忠因为没有护理,导致眼睛暂时看不见,脚部伤口溃烂严重,可能需要截肢。明忠闻言情绪激动,雨恬心情沉重。 丽莲进来病房工作,明忠认出她的声音,没想到丽莲与雨恬姐弟竟然在同一家医院工作。丽莲提醒明忠不要忘了与她的约定。

With lack of proper care and treatment, Ming Zhong suffers temporary loss of vision and his leg wound severely festers, leading to a possible amputation. Ming Zhong is agitated when he finds out the news; Yu Tian feels heavy-hearted. When Li Lian is working in the ward, Ming Zhong recognizes her voice. He did not expect Li Lian, Yu Tian and Yao Yang to work in the same hospital. Li Lian reminds him not to forget about their promise.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 8 – 071118]


When Yao Yang and Si Yan go to Zhao Di’s house for a home visit, Yao Yang finds out that Si Yan is afraid of dogs. Si Yan also realizes that Zhao Di still does forget to take her medicine and suggests to let the Zhao Di’s dog remind her to do so. Yao Yang agrees with her idea and decides to ask his friend, who is a dog trainer, to help to train the dog. Yao Yang even invites her to join him. Si Yan is happy that her suggestion is accepted.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 7 – 061118]


Eva falls into a coma, Ada agrees to switch off her respirator and let her pass on peacefully. Ada cries uncontrollably, and Yuan Bin suppresses his grief. Da Gui is diagnosed with colorectal cancer when he was admitted to hospital; Pang Da and Jia Xin feel lost upon hearing this piece of news as Da Gui is the only family they can depend on. Yao Yang assures them by saying that he will try his best to help them.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 6 – 051118]


Yao Yang treats Ming Zhong coldly as he is not able to forgive Ming Zhong for abandoning the family. Ming Zhong refuses to do the checkup and asks them to leave as he knows Yao Yang does not want to see him. At the playground, Yao Yang starts to reminiscence his childhood. He used to have a happy family, until one day, his mother fell ill, and his father went to work and never came back.


 [你也可以是天使3 Ep 5 – 021118]


Yuan Bin’s ex-girlfriend Eve suffers from kidney failure but there is no way to treat her and she can only return home to nurse. Yuan Bin is heavy-hearted and regrets neglecting Eve when they were dating because of work. Si Yan was impressed by Yuan Bin’s deep affection. Si Yan and Yao Yang go to patient’s house to provide treatment and it turns out that the patient is Yao Yang’s father, Xia Ming Zhong, whom he has not seen in years. Both of them are astounded to see each other.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 4 – 011118]


Ah Mu supports a kinless girl, An An, from Cambodia who suffers from heart disease. He arranges for An An to receive surgery in Singapore, with Ruo Jun to take care of her. Si Yan misunderstands that Yao Yang is a playboy and she tells Yu Tian about it. Yao Yang teases Si Yan intentionally. Yu Tian can’t bear seeing Si Yan being constantly teased by Yao Yang and reveals to her that Yao Yang and her are siblings. Si Yan is in shock.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 3 – 311018]

思彦和耀阳一起到病患家做护理,思彦见到耀阳工作认真、细心又专业的一面,不禁另眼相看。耀阳还带了胖达和几名青少年到河堂家帮忙打扫。思彦和胖达交谈后,才知道耀阳其实是辅导他们这些不良少年、免得他们误入岐途的义工 。

Si Yan and Yao Yang go to one of the patients’ house to provide treatment. Si Yan sees Yao Yang’s conscientious, thoughtful and professional side at work and now sees him differently. Yao Yang gets Pang Da and a few teenagers to help He Tang tidy his house. After having a conversation with Pang Da, Si Yan realizes that Yao Yang is a social worker who counsels these teenagers to prevent them from taking the wrong path.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 2 – 301018]


雨恬意外发现弟弟耀阳转职与自己同院,要他对别人隐瞒两人的关系。耀阳嘻皮笑脸,与姐姐开玩笑。思彦见两人互动亲密,误会两人在搞地下情。 河堂经常入院,袁斌、若君、雨恬研究了他的档案后,断定他是因为生活空虚,才会经常感觉不舒服入院,决定由CCT跟进此个案。

Yu Tian finds out that her younger brother Yao Yang transferred to work in the same hospital as her; she asks Yao Yang to keep their relationship a secret. Si Yan misunderstands that Yu Tian and Yao Yang are having an underground relationship when she sees both of them interact intimately. He Tang is a patient who often admits to the hospital; Yuan Bin, Ruo Jun and Yu Tian study his case and concludes that he is feeling unwell because of loneliness, they decide to let CCT follow his case.


[你也可以是天使3 Ep 1 – 291018]


爱德医院进行健康检查,负责社区护理Community Care Team(CCT)的APN袁斌(方展发)见若君冷静应付紧急事故,建议若君转到社区护理,领导一个小组。若君了解了CCT的工作后,欣然接受挑战。同时,CCT也迎来袁凯(吴劲威)、英杰(陈维恩)、晓柔(罗美仪)等年轻新护士和刚调来的护士长夏雨恬(蔡琦慧)。思彦(黄思恬)表示对社区护理有兴趣并加入CCT,与新加入的夏耀阳(陈泂江)同在若君领导的小组。 当他们在新的领域上奋斗时,问题开始渐渐出现。若君的丈夫在国外失踪了,还发现他还抚养了一个患有心脏病的女孩。雨恬和耀阳遇见了当年抛妻弃子的父亲,始终无法原谅他。袁斌的前女友病重住院,因为过去不够关心她,而对她有愧疚感。护士们是否能面对生活上的挑战,在各自的工作上中发光呢?

As a nurse aiding in yearly health screenings in Ai De Hospital, Ruo Jun’s (Zoe Tay) impressive performance has impressed APN Yuan Bin (Pierre Png), thus earning her an position to lead the Community Care Team (CCT). Yuan Kai (Edwin Goh), Ying Jie (Joshua Tan), Xiao Rou (Bonnie Loo), Yu Tian (Paige Chua), Si Yan (Carrie Wong) and Yao Yang (Desmond Tan) subsequently join CCT. As they embark on this new journey together, problems start brewing. Ruo Jun’s husband went missing. To add to her shock, she finds out that he has a foster daughter who suffers from heart disease. Yu Tian and Yao Yang are tasked to take care of their father who has abandoned the family. Yuan Bin has to face his ex-girlfriend whom he had neglected during their relationship. He is consumed with guilt upon learning that she suffers from grave illness. Will the nurses be able to resolve their personal problems and shine in their jobs ?