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[DRAMA] 你那边怎样·我这边OK

[DRAMA] 梦想程式
        Channel 8
        Saturdays & Sundays
        4.30pm - 6.30pm


27 Aug 2019 - 你那边怎样,我这边OK,             Press conference (Taiwan)
13 Sep 2019 - Keisuke x Kemono Event 17 Oct 2019 - Jim Beam Event
19 Oct 2019 - Star Search 2019                   Roadshow
21 Nov 2019 - Singapore International               Film Festival Red Carpet

SGIFF Red Carpet

This is the 30th year Singapore International Film Festival(SGIFF) is happening and Desmond Tan had the opportunity to walk down the red carpet!

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Jim Beam Event

Music, friends, games, Jim Beam High Ball and Desmond Tan? All on a Thursday evening?
Sounds about right to us!

Destines spent their past Thursday evening at Tanjong Pagar centre with Desmond Tan over drinks and games! It was a great night!

Find out what we did!

Keisuke X Kemono Event

Congratulations Keisuke X Kemono on your new collaboration! Ramen Keisuke Group, billed as the “largest ramen chain in Singapore”, partnered with Kemono, a healthy roast chicken joint that adopts memes as its marketing strategy.


Desmond had the opportunity to be present at the event to spend some time with his fans! He also managed to give away a soft toy to 1 lucky fan by winning at the claw machine! It was a well spent evening with Desmond!


* PS, few more days before Desmond comes home to Singapore for good after spending the past couple of months overseas. We miss you Desmond, and we can’t wait for you to be home! <3
For more photos from the event, you can view them here! Thank you Destines

Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Desmond is the new ambassador of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10!
Having fly back to Singapore from Taiwan, Desmond Tan made his appearance more memorable by serenading us with 2 of his tracks! Click below to listen!

Thank you Destines


24092019 – 台湾工作四个月 陈泂江:像到新宇宙再成长
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