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[MOVIE] 简单的婚礼 The Big Day
[DRAMA] 星洲之夜
A Song to Remember
Channel 8
Every Weekend, 4.30pm
[DRAMA] 逆潮 Against the Tide
Channel 8
Every Sunday, 12pm
[DRAMA] 维多利亚的模力 VIC
Channel U
Every Monday, 9pm
Repeat: Every Saturday,
[SERIES] 加纹纳乔的约定
Love at Cavenagh Bridge
Every Thursday & Friday


21 Jun 18 : Movie ‘簡單的婚禮 The Big Day’ Premiere in Singapore
12 Jul 18 : Movie ‘簡單的婚禮 The Big Day’ Premiere in Malaysia.
13 Jul 18: Movie ‘簡單的婚禮 The Big Day’ Premiere in Taiwan.

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[UPDATE] The Big Day HandFan Contest

Missed out on the HandFan giveaway at Bugis+ on 300618?

Dont worry! Here is another chance for you to have The Big Day HandFan delivered straight to your doorstep!  Here’s How!

The Big Day 简单的婚礼 Movie Date with Desmond Tan

Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding with a groom like Desmond Tan!
The next best thing will be to go on a movie date with him and some of our Destines did have this dream come true! Thank you Desmond for agreeing to this!

Would you also like to have such interactions with Desmond Tan? Click here to found out more!

Meet Desmond Tan on Friday, 290618!

GV is celebrating the opening of their new outlet at GV Bedok by organising the largest Pyjamas Party in the neighbourhood with the movie The Big Day 简单的婚礼! Meet Desmond Tan!


120718 - 男星遲疑沒動靜 安心亞「主動湊上嘴唇」親下去了

Read more on: [CHI] 男星遲疑沒動靜 安心亞「主動湊上嘴唇」親下去了


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