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[DRAMA] Code of Law 5
        meWATCH --> 01/06/2020
        Channel 5 --> 01/06/2020
        Every Monday 9.30pm
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[DRAMA] Derek 2
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[DRAMA] 《回路网》

        meWATCH --> 28/02/2020
        Channel 8 --> 02/03/2020
        Mondays to Fridays, 9pm
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[DRAMA] 你那边怎样·我这边OK
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29,30 Jan 2020 - River HongBao
8 Feb 2020 - River HongBao Broadcast
13 Feb 2020 - All Around You Facebook                           live
  2 Mar 2020 - All Around You Facebook                           live
  2 Mar 2020 - All Around You 958 FM                               live interview

Destanation is 9!

Yes, we are 9! It’s been so fulfilling and look how far we have come!

Thank you Desmond for always bring us joy and laughter.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching us friendship. Thank you for showing us kindness.


The Light

Desmond participated in the recording of a song called ‘The Light’, which has just been launched by Mediacorp, to rally Singaporeans and cheer on those on the frontline battling the COVID-19 outbreak.
Through the lyrics, Mediacorp hopes to urge listeners to fight struggles and battles. The song is part of the national effort to combat COVID-19!

Let’s unite our hearts and fight through this tough time together as one 💙

song can be found on

River Hongbao 2020


Desmond had the opportunity to join in River Hongbao on the Taiko.
Look at how he played with that serious look on his face! How can one not get mesmerised by it? 😀

Derek 2

Our nice Singaporean boy is back. Stronger, with a partner in crime.

Are you ready?

Derek 2 is available for free on meWATCH next Friday, 14th February.

Stay tuned!



09072020 - 合演新剧《操控》再续情缘 陈泂江:与雅慧拍亲热戏不尴尬

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