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[MOVIE] 简单的婚礼 The Big Day (21 June 2018)
[FILMART] 以读不回 Blue Tick (September 2018)
[DRAMA] 你也可以是天使 3 You Can Be An Angel Too 3

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Now Showing

[DRAMA] Code of Law Season 4
Channel 5
Every Monday, 10pm
[DRAMA] 星洲之夜
A Song to Remember
Channel 8
Every Weekend, 4.30pm
[DRAMA] 逆潮 Against the Tide
Channel 8
Every Sunday, 12pm
[DRAMA] 维多利亚的模力 VIC
Every Thursday & Friday


12 Jul 2018 : Movie ‘簡單的婚禮 The Big Day’ Premiere in Malaysia.
21 Jun 2018 : Movie ‘簡單的婚禮 The Big Day’ Premiere in Singapore
26 May 2018 : DFC 7th Anniversary gathering
20 May 2018 : Community Chest Live Show
17 May 2018 : Mercedes Benz Event
8 May 2018 : Blue Tick 已讀不回 Press Conference
22nd Apr 2018 : Star Awards 2018
19th Apr 2018: Toggle ‘VIC 維多利亞的魅力’ Premiere
2nd Apr 2018: ‘Code Of Law Season 4’Premiere
4th Mar 2018: HSBC Women’s World Championship
19-28th Feb 2018: Chan Brother Iceland Aurora and Glacier Explorer Celebrity Tour
16th Feb 2018: Chinese Lunar New Year Countdown Show
3rd Feb 2018: Hillion Mall Event
2nd Feb 2018: Fendi ION Opening Ceremony
25th Jan 2018: Code of Law 4 Special screening

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你也可以是天使 You Can Be An Angel Too Season 3

Picture Credit: iWeekly Magazine

Desmond will be staring in Season 3 of 你也可以是天使 (You Can Be An Angel Too!)

Filming will start in June.

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Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ Roadshow

Mercedes-Benz EQ has arrived in Singapore and Desmond had the privilege to be part of the road show!

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