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[DRAMA] 你那边怎样·我这边OK
        All is Well

        26 August 2019
        Channel 8
        Monday to Friday
        9pm - 10pm
        Channel U
        Monday to Friday
        10pm - 11pm

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[DRAMA] Hello from the other side -               It's Time 阴错阳差 - 时辰到
[FILMART] 以读不回 Blue Tick


17 Aug 2019 - 你那边怎样我这边ok,                                 All is Well Roadshow     17 Aug 2019 - Desmond Birthday                                     Celebration                       19 Aug 2019 - Desmond's Birthday         23 Aug 2019 - Samsung Event

Surprising (supporting) Desmond

There was earthquake and then there was typhoon. Little did Desmond know, who was in Taiwan, that support was coming! 

Thank you Destines for flying over to show support, love and kindness for Desmond while he is in Taiwan! We are sure that in the midst of all those shaking and raining, it brought a little warmth to Desmond’s heart.  


Destanation Fanclub is 8!

Time flies and we are now 8! Thank you all Destines who stood with us thus far! Thank you also to TheDesmondTan, for always being a constant role model to us! We love you and we’ll continue to be behind you, supporting you each and every step of the way! 

To celebrate, TheDesmondTan and Destines went to an art jamming studio, where everyone had a chance to design their own tote bag! Peace not war

Thank you Destines!

Desmond just touched down from Taiwan from his filming not too long ago.
We would like to thank all Destines who went to the airport that day (Mother’s Day) to welcome him back!

Thank you Destines for all your love and support towards Desmond. We are sure that it had made his day, especially after long hours of filming and a long flight.
Please continue to show your love and support towards Desmond!


*P.S. DestinationFC is turning 8 soon! Want to have a meaningful time celebrating with Destines and Desmond himself? Join the fanmily now here !

Dior Addict Stellar Shine Launch Event

Desmond was invited to Dior’s Addict Shine Launch Event and had the opportunity to try out the various  lip products that was newly launched! Guess who has the sexiest lips? 🙂
Desmond says that when you put on the right lipstick, your lips and the sensual state of  intoxication becomes the most sexy thing about you! What do you think? 
Go checkout their latest launch, if you haven’t already done so!
Be Dior. Be Pink!


29072019 - #ManCrushMonday – Desmond Tan’s Secrets to Looking Good



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