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[MOVIE] 简单的婚礼 A Simple Wedding


- 26 May 2017: Destanation's 6th Anniversary
- 20-22 May 2017: Voyage 《起航》 Musical
- 14 May 2017: Voice of Hark Season 2 at The Pavillion @ Far East Square
- 6 May 2017: Spartan Race
- 29 Apr 2017: Dramatasy at One KM Mall
- 16 Apr 2017: Star Awards 2017 Main Show
- 9 Apr 2017: The Road to Star Awards 2017
- 26 Mar 2017: The Road to Star Awards 2017
- 19 Mar 2017: SPD Charity Show
- 18 Feb 2017: SCS Ralay for Life at Bukit Gombak Stadium
- 27 Jan 2017: CNY countdown Show
- 21 Jan 2017: CNY Album Autograph Session at IMM

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?Level 31?

Happy Birthday!!

Here is Destanation wishing our Desmond Tan,

On this happy occasion, may it be filled with much joy and laughter!

Give to Gift

Birthday celebrations came early for Desmond Tan!

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Send us your Birthday Wishes!

Has #SergeantLoke aka Desmond Tan ever made you smile with his sweet actions?
Has he ever made you laugh through his interactions with the people around him?
Has he ever made you felt worried for him when things did not go right?
Has he ever left an impression on you?

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